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Your dog or your cat is healthy * ? You can get a recipe!

1-Fill out the information form about your pet, so that we can take into account the individual characteristics of your dog or your cat.

2-Choose the main food you want to give (home prepare diet, or kibbles and/or wet canned food with their composition as given on the label), then you choose the little things you also want to provide (dairy, treats...) if so...

3- Receive a balanced recipe which takes account your choice, and the characteristics of your animal and of its food... with the right amount to keep your pet healthy and at its optimal body condition

(* HEALTHY means that your pet is NOT suffering from any disease or any recent illness or chronic disease even which would be treated the same and stable - If your pet is not healthy, please require the advice of a veterinary as only a vet can ask for a recipe for a non-healthy animal)

You give meat or fish?... Give Vit'i5
Give meat or fish a carnivore, it is rather a good idea, but it is not quite enough ... Diets containing human grade meat or fish are not balanced, Vit'i5 is there to ensure this balance.
Four Vit'i5 products are available to balance the distribution of meat or fish, whether in a home prepared diet (meat+Vit'i5+oil+veggies+rice) or in addition to a complete food (kibble or canned food+meat/fish+vit'i5). The Vit'i5 products are available online or from your veterinarian (in France).

A question about nutrition?
Get online answers to most questions you have about feeding your pet through our blogs written by recognized international experts, all specialists in veterinary nutrition.


Nutrition is a health key. Offer your companion animal the best nutritional support.

How does it work ?

You are sent by your vet

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    Vit'i5 Canine Ca:P=3 for puppies and adult dogs up to 7 yr old. Mineral & vitamin powder feed for dogs, to balance a homemade diet (meat/fish+Vit’i5®™+oil+vegetables+rice)  Formulated by Dr Géraldine Blanchard, European Specialist in Animal and Comparative Nutrition

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    19,20 €

    Vit'i5 Little Ca Mineral & vitamin powder feed for dogs and cats to balance a homemade diet (meat + Vit’i5®™ + oil + vegetables + rice) over 8 years old when healthy or at any age in case of urolithiasis, renal or cardiac failureor at any age in case of a a mixed diet (meat, fish or shrimp + Vit’i5®™ + a complete feed)

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    19,20 €

    for puppies, kittens, healthy dogs and cats up to 8 yr-old Mineral & vitamin powder feed for dogs and cats to balance a homemade diet (meat or fish + Vit’i5®™ + oil + vegetables + rice)  Easy dosage. Highly palatable.

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    30,00 €

    Mineral & vitamin powder feed for dogs, to balance a homemade diet (meat/fish+Vit’i5®™+oil+vegetables+rice) or a mixed diet (meat/fish+Vit’i5®™+ complete feed)

    30,00 €
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    Do I really have to give Vit'i5 ?

    If you give meat of fish to your pet, either as a part of a home-prepared diet, or in addition to kibble or canned food... YES, you need to add Vit'i5 to the diet to balance meat or fish, and provide the micronutrients laking.

    Think Vit'i5 !

  • Is Vit'i5 really needed ?

    Is Vit'i5 really needed ?

    If your dog or your cat is eating some meat or fish : YES because Vit'i5 will balance those food intakes

  • New website : few clicks for a recipe !

    Recipes in a few clicks

    Now it is possible to get an instantaneous recipe for your healthy pet and just in a few clicks  !

  • New Website : When and how should I use Vit'i5 ?

    Vit'i5 : When and how should I use it?

    Vit'i5 is an essential complement when you want to give meat or fish to your animal !

    It is also an indispensable component of a home made diet

    If you give MEAT, if you give FISH, you HAVE TO give Vit'i5.

    For more information, clic here !

  • Pourquoi un nouveau site Cuisine-a-crocs ?