Ingredients actually available on

Ordering an IMMEDIATE recipe, you will have to choose 

1- a MAIN FOOD (kibbles and/or wet food, OR homemade diet)


2- and, if you want, somme adds 

A dairy product (yaourt, fromage...), 1 or 2 TREATS (charcuterie, fruit, biscuits, industrial treats...)

Choosing Kibble or Wet Food, you will be able to add MEAT and/or VEGGIES (obviously you will have to choose meat or fish and veggies for a home made diet) 

Click on each kind of ingredient if you want to know what is available :


If the ingredient you seek is not in those lists, send us a mail and we will see if it is possible to put it in the data base. To send us a mail click here  (and select "contact" in "Subject Heading")