Nutrition is a very complex science.

The amount of food ingested determines the body weight, and has to be adapted to the individual specificities of your companion animal (optimal body weight, breed, age, activity, way of life...).
But energy is not enough. To maintain HEALTH, about 40 nutrients, to be found in food, are essential every day with various amounts, a few more are optional.

Organisms are hopefully tolerant to the amount of each nutrient consumed. That allows a degree of freedom in the formulation of diets, the addition of treats in some extend… We are dedicated in helping you to control and balance the overall daily intake of your pet. It’s our specialty.

Our mission

Whatever way your choice to feed your pet,
Wherever you live in the world,
we are dedicated to bring you the most advanced  knowledge, to feed your dog and cat the right amount of food (including treats !) keeping the right balance… with no pressure from any company.

Our service

> If your pet shows any disease, even chronical or treated, only a veterinary surgeon can request a recipe on

> If your pet is adult and healthy, you can obtain a RECIPE in a few minutes time

> For a puppy of a kitten, a female in Gestation or Lactation, or if your pet needs to Weight loss program, you can get an ADVANCED recipe : formulated manually, in 72 hours (week days), includes several recipes, until the end of growth, or the end of lactation, or up the the optimal body weight...

WHAT IS AN ADVANCED RECIPE? / RATE 78€ per advanced recipe