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Meat, Fish and Shrimp

(in a home made diet you choose on of this ingredients and we calculate the needed quantity)

(when you get to choose meat, fish or shrinp as an ADD FOR KIBBLES OR WET FOOD, choose on of this ingredient and pick up one of the quantities we offer you) 

Chicken or Turkey (lean meat, boneless skinless)

Chicken or Turkey (leg or thigh meat, boneless skinless)

Duck meat (skinless, boneless)

Duck (aiguillette)

Beef (mince, pure beef 15%fat)

Beef (lean meat 5%fat, shoulder)

Beef Heart (lean)

Veal (lean meat, boneless)

Pork (chop meat, boneless)

Pork (lean fillet)

Ham or roast ham (no fat, skinless)

Horse (lean meat)

Rabbit (lean meat, boneless, skinless)

Venison Haunch (leg meat)

Lamb (lean meat, no visible fat)

Salmon Fillet (skinless, boneless, headless), (fresh or frozen)

Tuna, canned (weigh strained)

Tuna, in oil (weigh strained)

Sardine, in oil (weigh strained)

Sardine (raw boneless)

Fish white fillet (pollack, coalfish, rattail) fresh or frozen

Fish Cod (fresh or frozen fillet)

Shrimp / Prawn (tail, no shell)

Trout Fillet (skinless, boneless, headless)

Mackerel filet (skinless, boneless, headless), fresh or frozen

Egg (white+yolk, 1 egg = 50g)

Kidney Prok or Veal or Lamb (raw, without fat) -not to be given as the only animal protein source more than once a week-

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