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VEGGIES / Fiber source

(in a home made diet you choose on of this ingredients and we calculate the needed quantity)

(when you get to choose VEGGIES as an ADD FOR KIBBLES OR WET FOOD, choose on of this ingredient and pick up one of the quantities we offer you) 

Courgette, Zucchini (raw  to be cooked)

Tomato (raw  to be cooked)

Eggplant, Aubergine (raw  to be cooked)

Mushroom (raw  to be cooked)

Endive (raw  to be cooked)

Brocoli, raw (to be cooked)

Beans, green canned (weigh strained)

Beans, green fresh or frozen (weigh strained)

Carrot (raw  to be cooked)

Carrot, canned (weigh strained)

Pumpkin,without skin (raw  to be cooked)

Broccoli (raw  to be cooked)

Vegetable mix, canned (weigh strained)

Pea and carrot mix, canned (weigh strained)

Peas, green, canned (weigh strained)

Lentils, green, cooked (weigh strained, give mashed)

Wheat bran

Set of vegetables, to be given one by one or mixed, weigh before cooking.

Zucchini, Endive, Tomato, Mushroom (to be given cooked)

Carrots, Green beans, Brocoli, Pumpkin (skinless), fresh or frozen (to be given cooked)

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