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DAIRY products

(you will have to choose a DAIRY product and choose one of the proposed quantities) 

Cheese Cottage cheese (20 % Fat)

Yogurt plain

Yogurt skim 

Fresh cheese skim

Fresh cheese 20%Fat (/dry matter)

Fresh cheese 40%Fat (/dry matter)

Cheese Emmental or Gruyere

Cheese Cheddar

Cheese Edam (45%fat/dry matter)

Cheese Gouda (45%fat/dry matter)

Cheese Camembert 45%fat

Cheese Brie 50%fat

Cheese Feta

Cheese Ricotta

Cheese Mozarella

Cheese Provolone

Cheese Appenzeller (20%fat/dry matter)

Cheese Appenzeller (50%fat/dry matter)

Cheese, light (25%fat /dry matter)

Cheese, Vache qui Rit (1 portion=16g)

Cheese, creamcheese 45%fat (1 portion=16g)

Cheese Apericube (1 cube =5g)

Cheese type Babybel  (1 MINI=20g)

Cheese, slice for burger (20g/slice)

Cheese Cottage Cheese (5%)

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