For a puppy or a kitten, a female in Gestation or Lactation, or if your pet needs to lose Weight :

You can order an advanced recipe which includes:

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  • how to make a good transition to the new diet

  • various adapted recipes

  • follow-up

  • how to  cook / store / distribute the diet

  • informations on used ingredients

> What will you get asking for an ADVANCE diet for growth ? click here  And here a example

> What will you get asking for an ADVANCE diet for gestation or lactation ?  Here an example

> What will you get asking for an ADVANCE diet to deal with overweight ?   Here an example

> What will you get asking for an ADVANCE diet for a sick pet :   Here an example

How to get your ADVANCE DIET ?

*1st step : fill up the questionnaire


*2nd step : choose ingredients

>> For an ADVANCE DIET you can tell us what kind of food is usally givent, sent recipes will be homemade and made in order to be the most appropriate possible, with various menus (meat/fish, vegetables, starch, treats and dairy products, even fruits),    according to the practial possibilities 

*3rd step : getting diets 

ADVANCE diets are made directly by Dr BLANCHARD and are sent by e-mail within 72 hours (working hours)

ADVANCE DIET's content :
As default, exclusively homemade diets are formulated, mixt diet are made only if asked by e-mail when ordering the diet.

* GROWTH (<1 an) : diets for the growth and until adult age (be carefull : in case of neuteuring/spaying or change of activity you will have to order an other recipe). 

* GESTATION : diet for gestation and lactation if the number of future puppies or kittens is known.

* LACTATION : diets for lactation and weaning of the puppies / kittens

* TREATMENT OR OVERWEIGHT : diets until your pet finds back his optimal weight. Be carefull : if any weight loss is not seen whitin a month you will have to contact your vet to be sure there is not an underlying disease preventing your pet to lose weight

You will also receive advices about food transition, cooking ingredients, and the follow up of your pet.

Rate for an ADVANCE DIET : 120 € incl. taxes


If your pet is healthy and adult : click ici

If your pet is sick :

If your pet is sick, even with a treated disease, only your vet will be able to order a recipe, because of law. Your vet will have to create his own professional account (freely) and then he will be able to order a recipe for your pet !