just covered, in Gestation or Milking?

For a female in gestation or lactation, we suggest prendre the PetACroc Subscription. You can then get an access to unlimited recipes for 3 months,  for your queen or bitch.Thus, the situation may evolve with the situation in view of the number of pups, appetite...

Think of a mixed diet (half-commercial and half-home prepared) especially if the female does not have the best appetite, and in preparation of weaning (the half home-made diet may be asked with with no starch ad given as first solid food to puppies and kittens up to 5 weeks of age, then the mix may be given to use them to ingest and digest starch...

When to ask for recipes? Which recipes?

Gestation last for about 2 months in the bitch.

From the start of gestation, the bitch sees her needs for essential nutrients increase (proteins and amino acids, essential fatty acids, micronutrients, but her caloric need does not increase: therefore it is in the interest of giving her a diet for Growth / Reproduction (richer in protein, vitamins...) from the start of gestation, but limiting the amount to avoid unnecessary overweight. The amount may be provided by our recipes.

From the 5th week of gestation, the needs increase, including the need for calories, gradually, until the 9th week.
=> it is therefore necessary to maintain a diet for Repro/Growth and change the amount of food week after week.

Around the birth (the same day and up to 2 days after), the appetite may decrease, but beware of the increased need for water.

From the start of Lactation, the needs of the bitch increase again, rapidly, and massively. It is desirable to request a recipe from the first week of lactation, then adjust every 15 days, depending on the weight of the litter.

For unlimited recipes to adapt the recipes week after week, the best would be a PetACroc subscription from the start of gestation: the PetACroc subscription includes as many recipes as you want for the same animal for 3 months, with the possibility of changing information such as the number of youngs, the weight of the litter...

Shall I enter the bitch's weight during gestaion/lactation or her weight before breeding?

The form asks you for the optimal weight of the bitch before breeding, therefore before gestation. Enter the optimal weight.

What food is te best? Commercial? Home-made? half-half?

It's up to you, the petowner, depending on the bitch's habits, and her appetite.
But in any case, do not forget that reproduction is of great demand, which requires quality food.

A few things to help you:

*if you want a Commercial diet:

Kibble and/or canned food: choose the right foods for Growth/Reproduction, we will not make this choice for you, and we will not judge your choice. The recipe will contain the quantities necessary to cover the caloric needs of the bitch.

And you can add a dairy, and a treat: don't forget, once chosen, to select the quantity you want to give.

*if you want half-half:

a diet with half kibble and half homepade diet is a good choice when the usual diet is already mixed, or when the bitch has a slightly capricious appetite, which can happen especially at the end of gestation, or during lactation.
Even in that case, preferably choose kibble for Reproduction or Growth. And choose "No carbs" and "A few vegetables" in the home-made part. We will adjust the overall amounts in orer to cover the energy and protein requirements, and balance the homemade part, then the total iet will be balanced.

Et choisissez ensuite les ingrédients de la partie ménagère : la recette contiendra les quantités nécessaires à couvrir le besoin calorique et protéique de la chienne, et la partie ménagère sera équilibrée.

Et vous pouvez ajouter un laitage, et une friandise : n'oubilez pas, une fois choisi, de sélectionner la quantité que vous souhaitez donner.

*If you want homemade diet :

Our unique recipes system offers the possible/available meat and fish (all meats aren't possibles depending on the specific situation of your pet). You're free to choose.

what about starch (carbohyrates)? 

Dr Blanchard's advice:
in the homemade diet: if you don't know, choose A LITTLE
in a half-half diet: if you don't know, choose NO STARCH (there is starch in the kibble anyway).

A few or a lot of vegetables?

Dr Blanchard's advice for the amount of vegetables...:
if you don't know, if your dog has
a normal appetite Choose NORMAL,
a poor appetite: Choose a LITTLE,
a big appetite: A LOT ... if the appetite decreases, which can happen with the advancement of gestation, ask for a new recipe with a different choice an less vegetables

What vegetables?

Again, if you don't know, choose Carrots, Green Beans, Broccoli, Pumpkin ... try to give just one of these vegetable or a mixture of them, your dog will quickly tell you what she prefers!
For bier amounts, choose rather zucchini...
The recipe will contain the correct amounts of Vit'i5 and canola oil, according to the detailed directions..

Do I always have to add Dairy and Treats?

No, it is posssible but not ompulsory. If you feel like you are going to give Dairy and/or Treats, better including them in the recipe!
In all our recipes, whatever the type of food you choose, you can add a dairy product and a treat: don't forget, once chosen, to select the quantity you wish to give.

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