Food transition in Dogs

All food changes, from ingredients to the diet (even within a brand !) is a food transition.

Why a transition ?

Gradually adapting a dog's intestinal flora or reducing digestive disorder due to a brutal diet change (gases, diarrhea) because a dog's digestive tract is used to the formulation of a single nutrient.

Most dogs easily accept food changes in a few days. But some need time to transition and accept a new ingredient or nutrient.

How should I proceed ?

Most of the time, you just need to mix half of the usual food's daily amount with half of the new one's and give this mix at each meal for 4 to 7 days. 

You might also want to give the mix 2 to 3 times a day rather than half in the morning and half in the evening.

Must I always mix the two types of food ?

If my dog is on a mixed diet (kibble and/or humid + homemade), must I also mix everything ?

Or can I give, for example, kibble in the morning and homemade in the evening ?

  • If your dog is used to this type of diet

Yes, no problem.

  • If your dog has been used to only home made for a long time

we advise you transition the diet by mixing at each meal for a week and than feeding the kibble in the morning (with water sprayed on it) and the home made part in the evening. If it takes it well (no gases, no diarrhea...), you may proceed.

  • If your dog has been used for a long time to a diet consisting only of kibble

we advise you to make a half-and-half transition, mixing with each meal, for a week, then, to try to give half the kibble in the morning, ensuring to wet the kibble prior, and half the home prepared diet in the evening. If he digests it well (no gas, bloating or diarrhea), you can continue.

  • If your dog eats a mixed diet, and you want to vary the meat and fish

no need to transition from one day to another, the changes in ingredients of a household ration (meat, fish, vegetables, starch) can be done without transition as long as: you give them with rapeseed oil and Vit'i5, that the oil is not heated or oxidized, that the starch is not frozen / thawed ... and everything will be fine.

Your dog is very sensitive

Some dogs are morre sensitive, the following method might be more adapted when it comes to changing diet :

Tricks & Tips

Depending on the situation, changing your dog's diet can end up being way more difficult than planned. We have a few tips for you...
- Add an ingredient your pet likes (meat juice...),
- Add warm or fresh water, depending on the season,
- Separate the amounts in more meals (if the daily amount is prepared in one time, serve one meal and put the rest back in the fridge).

Find our tips for a smooth food transition (and much more) on our blog (French only) :