Recipe creator

Dr Vet Géraldine BLANCHARD, DVM, PhD, European Specialist in Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, has created a unique tool.

Each dog or cat owner, growing or grown-up and healthy can obtain within a few minutes a recipe (in case of illness, only a vet can obtain recipes).

WHICH DIET ? you may ask us (nearly!) everything

- A homemade diet... multiple options : with a little, a lot or no carb ( = starch = complex carbohydrates),
- Kibble and treats,
- Can food and Kibble,
- Kibble on mornings, Meat and veggies in the evening (we balance this part for you),
- Kibble, Can food, homemade on some days : you will need a few recipes... See our subscription plan,
- A balanced homemade diet, with or without carbs. For various meat or veggies options, some days with dairy and/or treats, some without : you will need different recipes... See our subscriptions.

Click on "I want a recipe" and follow these steps:

1- Enter your pet's information.
2- Select the diet you need and the ingredients you want : all suggested ingredients are consistent with your pet's state.
3- Pay online (one recipe at a time)
4- You now have your custom-made recipe for your Dog/Cat
You can download and print your recipe directly after payment. It will contain each ingredient's amount, the addition of essential ingredients to balance the diet, tips about the diet change of your pet, the directions to prepaer and preserve the food, and the monitoring of you pet.

If you animal has a health issue -even treated or chronic- any condition rerquiring an adaptation of the diet:
You will need to go throught your vet... law says... If your vet hasn't got an acccount yet, you can indicate our website so he/she creates his/her acount, be acknowledged as a vet, and obtain adapted recipes!