You have a cat or a dog growing ? overweight ?

Your pet is growing ?

Recipes are to evolve during growth, with age and weight, sometime also with sterilization if done before full growth.

We offer you a unique Coaching program : an email each month so you update your puppy or kitten's weight, change recipe, vary ingredients...

Why change recipe?

Your pet has just been sterilized : amounts need to be modified...

You puppy attends a training class...
Treats may be included in the diet by balancing recipes.

In each and every Cuisine-a-crocs recipe, one dairy may be added and 0, 1 ou 2 different treats, the recipe will compensate.

Kibble on mornings and homemade on evenings ?

Cuisine-a-crocs provides "Homemade only", "Kibble and/or Can only", ou Half dry-Half humid...everything is possible, always as professional.

Your pet is overweight ?

A overweight dog or cat can be treated but must be monitored, it is a key of success.

Through our unique coaching program, you will receive an email each month so you update your dog or cat's weight, change recipe, vary ingredients...

Why change recipe ?

Your pet may have quite an apetite or actually a tiny one... You can adapt the amount of vegetables.

During the coaching, you wigh to give at first only homemade (because it has more volume, it is satisfactory), but then you prefer to go for Kibble to start the day and homemade in the evening... No problem.

Cuisine-a-crocs provides "Homemade only", "Kibble and/or Can food only", ou Half dy-Half humid... everything is possible, and always as professional.

Deal with overweight, Sure. What about keeping one or two treats without impacting treatment?

In each and every Cuisine-a-crocs recipe, one dairy may be added and
 0, 1 or 2 different treats, regardless of the chosen diet ("Homemade only", Kibble and/or Can onlyt", ou Half dry-Half humid).

Everything is accounted for and balanced so to assure a continuous loss of weight.

How do I know my pet is losing weight at the right speed ?

That's the coaching value : we tell you, or actually show you throughout a graph updated with each new body weight entered, we then tell you what to do depending on the loss of weight.