You are a PetParent and you'd like to vary homemade diet recipes ?

our PetAddict subscription is for you
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You are a PetParent - PetAddict subscription

Thanks to our PetAddict subcription, you will be able to order for your healthy adult DOG or CAT, as many recipes as you want for 3 months, varying ingredients, treats, type of food ...

To keep the weight optimal, good shape and health, get adapted recipe at anytime: PetAddict allows you to generate recipes according to your desires but also in accordance with your pet characteristics and requirements...

Change diet type

Switch from commercial only to mixed diet, or from mixed to balanced home-prepared diet, or the opposite > generate a recipe for each choice, each time you want to change food, ingredient ... with little or a lot (or no at all) starch, with more or less vegetables, switch from meat to fish, change meat ... The recipe will still be adapted

Change ingredients at will

With our system of custom made recipes, you can vary ingredients as often as you wish : the recipes will always be adjusted to your pet characteristics.

A tailor made recipe can include little or no carbs, more or less vegetables, switch from meat to fish or change meat...

Add various treats, a dairy and no treat, a dairy and a piece of fruit or a piece of cheese, or both? ... the choice is yours, get a recipe with the same without any... amount of ingredients will be adjusted.

Perfectly balanced recipes

Changing activity, lifestyle, sterilization ... all this changes the needs, and the recipe ...

With PetACroc, you will be able to modify the activity and the lifestyle, and adjust the recipes according to your tastes. but also according to the availability of the ingredients at the time ...

Of course, the ingredients offered (meat and fish in particular) are adjusted according to the characteristics of your animal, to continue to feed it well, to continue to maintain well-being and health..

Anticipate changes, holidays, gateway... to get new recipes

Want recipes for the week, and others for the weekend: for example mixed diet during the week, homeprepared during the weekend ... Add treats for days with special training...
Easy with PetAddict subscription

How to buy a PetAddict subscription for your Pet?

Start from the pet!
> or My Account < Manage my pets and recipes > from your Pet's identity, if it has been created in your account > New recipe
...When you'll order a recipe, two options will be offered etiher "RECIPE" or "SUBSCRIPTION" ...
Select SUBSCRIBE to make you pet a PetAdict...

See all your subscriptions on your account > My Subscritions..

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You are a VET: our VetAddict subscription is for your practice

Thanks to the annual VetAddict subscription, you can order as many recipes as you wish :
  • regardless of the type food (homemade, mixed or industrial diet, or even dry and wet food the same day)
  • regardless of the pathophysiological situation of your patients

From now, Dogs and Cats nutrition will always be adapted: you input information, select the situation and ingredients you want and get an adapted recipe...

All you need for your patients.


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