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The first professional and independant website allowing the proper formulation of home-made (or not) recipes for dogs and cats, designed by an independant board certified European veterinary specialist

Nutrition is a very complex science

The amount of food consumed determines the body weight, and must be adapted according to the individual characteristics of each animal (optimal weight, age, breed, activity, lifestyle ...).
But calories are only weight ...

Health depends on the composition of all the food consumed.

Dogs and cats are often fed a little the same day after day, from where the importance of a balanced recipe, because they must find each day in their food not less than 40 different nutrients, in suitable quantity, to profit from the best chances of good health.

Fortunately, for each nutrient, the body tolerates varying amounts. This allows a certain tolerance to a bad diet, and also a degree of freedom as for the formulation of the global ration consumed each day, and the addition of treats to a certain extent ...

A suitable diet in the long term improves quality and life expectancy. We can help you preserve this. It’s our job.

Our mission

Professional - Independent - Based on Scientific data and not on beliefs - Affordable  - Available for all dogs and cats

Whichever way you want to feed your dog or cat, homemade, kibble or canned food (the choose of the best complete food (s) for  your animal is yours), or a mix (commercial + home-made), with or without carbs, even with dairy and treats.

Wherever you are: the magic of the internet. Access to a specialist is thus possible for everyone.

We are committed.

We provide you with a unique formulation tool, produced with the greatest care by a specialist in veterinary nutrition, and which makes it possible to produce wholly or partially household recipes according to your choice and the preferences of the dog and cat concerned
-the ingredients offered are compatible with their needs and their health (including treats!),
-the balance of the food is ensured according to the body weight of course, but also of the breed, the age, the sex, the activity, the lifestyle... Every details counts.
Everything is taken into account, as well as the intimate composition of the foods, to finally provide you with a balanced recipe and the advice on preparation, conservation, distribution and monitoring that goes with it.

If you want a totally commercial diet, including dairy and treats, we will also tell you how much to give.

Our tailor-made service

YOUR ANIMAL - CHOICE OF FOOD - PAYMENT - RECIPE displayed downloadable

4 steps for a tailor-made recipe

How to order a tailor-made homemade diet recipe

1- Enter the characteristics of your dog or cat

Fill in the info as requested (yes, that makes a lot of questions, because we take into account all the characteristics that modify the needs of an individual ...)

2- Then choose the type of food you want to give.

You can opt for :

* a Home-made diet

you will also have the possibility to choose between various types of HMD: without carbohydrates (starchy food) for dogs and cats that do not tolerate them), with little carbs (best choice to start with if you do not know what to choose) or with a minimum of meat and a little more carbs (available for dogs only, the cheapest HMD solution: if your dog tolerates it, no problem; if it gives him gas or digestive problems, rather try "little starchy food" ")

* a Commercial diet with Kibble or Canned food or both:

Enter the composition of the commercial food that you want to give (so as not to be subject to various influences, and because the label of a food is not enough to judge a food, we opted for neutrality and not to recommend any commercial diet). It remains your choice.

Half and half :

For example Kibble in the morning and HMD in the evening: you enter the commercial foods that you want to give, then you choose the type of HMD you want to add... the whole recipe will be balanced, the energy and protein content of the kibble is taken into account to balance the whole of the daily ration.

In any case, you can choose to add

a dairy product: you will have to choose the dairy product you want, and, on the list offered, the quantity you want to distribute (not everything is possible, everything we offer is compatible with the balanced recipe),
one or two treats: among 3 types, you can choose 0, 1 or 2, and for each choice, the quantity you want from a list of possibilities.

3- After Payment, you will receive the recipe directly in your pet's account

(>>>"Informations and recipes" section).

You can then download and print the recipe if you wish.

If, because of the recipe you have chosen, it is necessary to add a Vit'i5, it will be offered for purchase at the time of your order. No obligation, but you can save time.

If you want recipes with other ingredients, we recommend a subscription for unlimited recipes