All services offered on cuisine-a-crocs offers not only a whole range of food supplement made to balance a homemade diet, but also all the know-how of a professional team dedicated to animal welfare. offers balanced tailored homemade diet recipesbalanced tailored mixed homemade and commercial diet recipes, but also
subscriptions for unlimited recipes, as well as  coachings for a growing puppy or kitten and for treating overweight in dogs or cats.


We offer tailored recipes for your dog or cat thanks to our unique recipe generator, then the shopping is all yours! We give you all information on the recipe about ingredients, how to cook and preserve properly the food...
For homemade diets, we offer a list of ingredients (meat/fish, vegetables...) compatible with the pet's situation. There are multiple choices, none is bad. The final recipe includes the amounts for each ingredients, included required ingredients, such as canola oil and Vit'i5.
If you prefer a recipe based on dry and wet petfoods, you make your choice, we'll tell you the amount, including dairy and treats you may have included.
Everything is written on the recipe: the right amounts of all the ingredients for a well-balanced diet, including whether you have chosen to add a dairy product and a treat or two.


Create your account (it's free!) and select "I want a recipe" then just follow the guide...

1. Enter your Dog's or Cat's information,

2. Pick the diet you wish for : HOMEMADE (with carb or not, with veggies or not), all COMMERCIAL (kibble and/or can food : you specify the food, and the proportion of each you want) ou HALF-HALF (half your choice of Dry and/or Wet Petfood + half Homemade Diet, with your choices 1/ with or without carbohydrates added, 2/more or less vegetables...). In any case, you can add a dairy product, and 0, 1 or 2 treats...
Everything is written down on the recipe : the right amount of all ingredients for a balanced diet, including dairy or treats if you wish.


As a Petparent, you will be offered 2 options after the order of the recipe, either to order only this recipe, or order a subscription, which wil give you access to this recipe, of course, for also to unlimited recipes for 3 months: during this time, you can order as many recipes as you want for the same pet. You can change ingredients, treats or the diet type.

You can also change the activity, the lifestyle... For instance, you can get recipes for a month with low or high activity, some for holiday time and food... The recipes will be adjusted to the new information and situation

With PETADDICT, get unlimited tailor made recipes for 3 months !

Create a free account and get all the information about subscriptions.


Your 4 paws friend is growing ?
or has a few extra pounds ?
When ordering your tailor-made recipe, you will be directed towards our unique growth or overweight coachings.
You can get as many recipes you want during the coaching, change information (like neutering, activity, body weight...).
Support and follow up, monthly email to remind the recessary adjustments of recipes depending on the weight's evolution of your cat or dog, untill the targeted weight is reached...
All is included...

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Pricing of Vit'i5 and all other products are available in the Shop.
For recipescoachings and subscriptions, the price will depend on the service...

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When ordering a recipe, the relevant Vit'i5 and its dosage will be indicated on the recipe, if necessary to balance the diet.
All Vit'i5 products are available on our Shop and in vet clinics.
We ship to France metro and most countries in Western Europe.

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We ship to France and most countries in Western Europe.

When creating your account, you must enter an address, please be honest while specifying your country, so as to be sure of being able to be delivered, in particular for Vit'i5 products.
If you choose France, it means metropolitan France ...
If you have any doubt about the address and possible delivery, please send us an email BEFORE placing your order, to avoid inconvenience or disappointment!

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