How do I feed my CAT? The best choices of his homemade diet

Order a recipe... what are the right choices ?

CAT : meat or fish ? fresh or canned ?

In case of homemade recipe or half-and-half recipe, not all meat or fish are offered for all cats. Because recipes must be given every day, you need meat or fish that can cover the needs for proteins and amino acids.

You can choose a meat or fish from the choices on offer, sometimes multiple.

Canned tuna ?

Tuna is naked fish at the top of the food chain. It is quite possible to give a recipe with tuna. But if given every day for months or years, it can become toxic. So it's best to limit tuna to one day a week. This is a precaution.

CAT : starchy or not ?

Some cats digest a small amount of cooked starch well, others don't. So there are several ways to feed a cat, depending on its individual characteristics.

All kibble contains starch. Some trays/boxes contain others do not. In household ration, you have the choice to add or not.

In case of industrial or half-and-half recipe including kibble, even if the homemade diet part is starch-free, the food contains starch.
The addition of starch is not possible in our recipes in the case of a half-and-half diet.

In case of a full homemade diet recipe, it is possible to choose whether or not to add a starchy food.

If your cat tolerates kibble and starch well, you can definitely add a little starchy. It will have to be cooked on the day of distribution.

If you do not add any, the essential glucose will come from neoglucogenesis from proteins.

CAT : some veggies or not ?

Cats appreciate veggies when diced, well cooked and if given in reasonable quantities.

If your cat doesn't like it at all or has never eaten vegetables

> choose "No vegetables"... you will have to add wheat bran: it does not take up space, mixes with coza oil and Vit'i5 and allows to bring essential fiber to digestive comfort the time to make him accept vegetables.

You can add a small amount of zucchini (> fruit > zucchini: small amount) to its homemade recipe to gradually accustom it.

If your cat loves vegetables

> choose "Few vegetables" or "Normal"...
if you choose a list of several vegetables, you can give one of these vegetables, a mixture of several or alternate them, the amount in the recipe corresponds to the total amount to be given in the day.

A neutered and sedentary cat has a reduced caloric need, but an intact appetite.

Once accustomed to consuming vegetables, one can increase the amount to bring more volume to the ration. You can also choose lower-calorie vegetables to bring even more: zucchini is well adapted to this context.

In some situations, there may be few suitable vegetables, for medical reasons.

CAT : what treats ?

My favorites among their favorites: Olive (fruit), Plain yogurt (it's lactose-free), shelled shrimp tail (only one!)...

All the treats available when you order a recipe are taken into account in the final recipe.

Once you have chosen the treat, you need to choose the amount you want to give from a list of quantities that you can give, taking into account the characteristics of the cat