Create your account (it's free!) and select "I want a recipe" then just follow the guide...
1. Enter your Dog's or Cat's information,
2. Pick the diet you wish for : HOMEMADE (with carb or not, with veggies or not), MANUFACTURED (kibble and/or can food : you specify the food you want) ou HALF-HALF
Everything is written down on the recipe : the right amount of all ingrredients forr a balanced diet, including dairy or treats if you wish to add some.


With a subscription, you have acess to unlimited recipes : order as many recipes as you hearts tells you to. You can change ingredients, treats or the diet.

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Pricing of Vit'i5 and all other products are available in the Shop.
For recipes, coachings and subscriptions, the price will depend on the service...


When ordering a recipe, the relevant Vit'i5 and its dosage will be indicated on the recipe if it is necessary to a balanced diet.
All Vit'i5 products are available on our website (> "Shop") and in vet clinics.