Subscribing = you can order as many recipes as you want for the same animal during 3 months

Subscribing allows to change your pet's diets ... keeping them balanced !

For a same animal, but which activity and tastes can change day by day, you can get unlimited recipes for 3 months :

* with differents ingredients 

  • change pet food   
  • try various ingredients in the homemade diet : meat/fish, vegetables and starchy food can be changes a day from an other

* with various dairy products or treats

Cheese, yogurt, meats, fruit, biscuit, ... 

Choose various treats without risk : at the end the diet will always be calculated according to your pet's needs  

* you also can choose a homemade diet or a mixed diet : pet food with meat or fish and/or vegetables and/or treats ! 

Try various ingredients for your pet - change treats : 
Subscription's cost for 3 months = 42 € Incl VAT

you would be able to order as many recipes as you want during 3 months. 
To subscribe, your pet has to be adult (more than 1 year old) and healthy*

How to make the subscription ?

*in case of illness, even under treatment, you will have to ask your vet to have a recipe for your pet
*in the case of growth, pregnancy, lactation or overweight, you will be directly orientated to an ADVANCE recipe which is not included in the subscription. To know more about that, click here

If you are a vet we made the VetACroc subscription for vet clinics : click here to know more about it !