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Tailor-made recipe for dogs & cats:

  • Enter the requested information
  • Choose the type of food desired
  • Even add dairy products and treats ...
  • After payment , you get a tailor-made recipe for your dog or cat, available at all times on your account

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Tailor-made recipe

taking into account the individual characteristics of the dog or cat:

get it in 4 steps

  1. Enter the requested information about your dog or cat
  2. Choose the type of food you want (home prepared diet, commercial = kibble +/- can/pouch, or half and half), even add a dairy product and treats and select the amount on the list of proposal (everything is taken into account in the calculation of the recipe)
  3. After payment, you get a tailor-made recipe for your dog or cat.
  4. You will be able to download and print this recipe. It remains permanently available on your account in your animal's profile

home prepared diet: :

you can choose the presence or quantity of starch (carbohydrates), vegetables (according to the appetite of your animal), and meat or fish from a list (the proposals are compatible with the characteristics of your pet and your other choices of ingredients) - all the ingredients chosen and others, necessary for a balanced diet, will appear on the final recipe, certified by Dr Vet Geraldine Blanchard, specialist in veterinary clinical nutrition.

commecial diet

you choose the food (kibble, can/pouch) that you give ... the choice is yours, we suggest you find commercial foods compatible with the characteristics of your pet, such as the age...)

Half-and-half diet = mixed diet:

you indicate the commecial foods that you want to give, and we offer you choices of ingredients for the household part. The entire recipe is calculated to provide all the energy and proteins necessary for the pet, the commecial part is considered balanced for itself (we cannot substitute the petfood manufacturer) and we balance the homemade part.

With all types of recipes:

if you want to add a dairy product, and up to 2 treats, we have to select an amount among a choice of quantities (compatible with your animal so as not to unbalance the whole diet). These additions are taken into account to calculate the recipe.

If you want to change one or several ingredients, or give treats only on certain days, we suggest that you ask for different recipes, because the foods are not necessarily interchangeable, and the absence of an ingredient or a treat in a recipe decreases the intake, or even imbalance the overall ration.


For unlimited recipes for an adult animal

Consider subscribing our PetACroc subscription for your pet: it allows you to make as many recipes as you want for 3 months for the same animal, even if it changes activity, weight or sexual status.

Growth or treatment of Overweight?

the recipe is available via Coaching ... all recipes included until the final date (adult weight reached, or optimal weight reached) ... 


Disease ?

only a veterinarian can get recipes for a dog or cat with a disease, even if the disease is treated or compensated for with treatment. Ask your vet to contact us if he doesn't know us yet ;-)