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Cuisine-a-crocs offers tailor-made recipes as well as multiple personalized services for your cat or dog. In addition to balanced homemade diet recipes, cuisine-a-crocs offers coaching for your growing puppy or kitten, or for your overweight dog or cat.

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    You are VetAddict, and you have a second clinic, contact us expend the VetAddict benefit from your main account to your secondary officeif you want to order another address to get the proper address appear on the recipe on the day and location of the prescription, please contact us at

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    Countless recipes and coachings

    Get a one year plan for your clinic Become a VetAddict and get UNLIMITED recipes and coachings for an UNLIMITED number of Dogs and Catsfor your main clinic and all vets working with you

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    Growth or Weight loss program

    Growth ? Overweight ? If your dog or cat is Growing or Overweight, it can benefit from our exclusive Coachings including:recipes throughout the duration of the coaching, and until their adult weight reached (Growth Coaching) or until their optimal adult weight reached (Overweight), a monthly guided educational follow-up, a final certificate of achievement...

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    Custom recipe

    Tailor-made recipe for dogs & cats:Enter the requested information Choose the type of food desired Even add dairy products and treats ... After payment , you get a tailor-made recipe for your dog or cat, available at all times on your account

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    Countless recipes

    For 3 months of unlimited recipes for your healthy petVary the ingredients, the types of food, the treats at will ... according to your desires, the availability of the ingredients, a holiday trip ... Modify your pet'scharacteristics throughout the duration of the subscription and obtain recipes adapted to this new status...

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