Discover the new Vit'i5 product line

The mineral supplements line Vit'i5®, specially formulated by Géraldine Blanchard, European Specialist in Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, has evolved to be simpler and a better response to carnivorous needs (dogs, cats, ferrets), fed through a partial or total home made diet.

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  • Vit’i5 ORANGE (available for 250g and 600g), replaces Vit’i5 Little and Canine Ca:P=3  for cats and dogs exclusively fed with homemade diets (Meat/Fish + Vit’i5® + rapeseed oil + Vegetables +/- Carb)

> Puppys and Kitten, pregnancy / lactation and adults in good health until 8 years old. 
Approximate dosage for adults : one 5 ml spoon for 100-150g of meat/fish.

  • Vit’i5 BLEU (available for 250g and 600g), without phosphorus, replaces Vit’i5 Little et Canine Ca  for cats and dogs exclusively fed with a homemade diet (Meat/Fish + Vit’i5® + rapeseed oil + Vegetables +/- Carb)
  • > Healthy 8 years-old and older, and at any age in case of phosphorus or mineral restriction   (renal disease, urolithiasis history…).
  • Approximate dosage for adults : one 5 ml spoon for 100-150g of meat/fish.
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  • Kibble the morning and homemade the evening ? Kibble/Can food + meat or fish ? Forr dogs and cats fed with a mixed diet, one of our products specially made for this case is now available in two sizes (250g et 600g) : Vit’i5 ROUGE whithout added phosphorus, for all ages.
  • And to balance ferret diets for all ages, fed with a homemade diet (Meat/Fish + Vit’i5® + rapeseed oil + wheat bran) : Vit’i5 FURET (250g available).


*Vit'i5 highlights :

  • All supplements provide essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements as well as manno-oligosaccharides (MOS).

  • Formulated without any animal protein, no salt, no sugar, no starch, no colouring agent or added flavour, they are given even in cases of diabetes or allergies.

  • they consent with an organic diet.
  • they contain yeast and are very much appreciated by our furry friends.
  • Each 600g container is sold with a 10 ml spoon and each 250g container with two 5 ml spoons, adapted for an easy dosage of Vit'i5 needed in the diet
  • They are made in France, by professionals.

*Frequent questions about Vit'i5 :

Why add Vit’i5 to a homemade diet ? How is the dosage made ?

The answer right here

Color / Smell

• The color has changed a little since the last purchase of the same item...
• The smell has changed since the last range of products...

=> There aren't any added flavors or colouring agents in Vit’i5. In addition to minerals, trace elements and vitamins, the only complement to our Vit'i5 products is the yeast. It is usually well enjoyed by our furry friends. 
Despite our constant efforts to keep the yeast the same way all the time, it remains a natural product with changing smell and color depending on the production batch.


• My pet struggles to eat its meals with the powder, whereas it eats very easily without…

=> It is important to gradually include any ingrerdient new to the pet such as Vit'i5 : a verry little alount at first and until it is well accepted by your pet, you may then increase the amount until your pet is accustomed, and so on until the necessary amount is reached. 


• Do the vitamins in Vit'i5 come from the yeast ?

=> No, vitamins stated on the tag are added, the yeast is only the natural Vit'i5 carrier. It contains in fact group B vitamins which add up to those already indicated (vitamin B excess does not exist!)

• Is the taurine contained in Vit'i5 risky for my dog ?

=> No, dogs naturally synthetize and absorb some when eating meat (the dosage depends on the cooking time): there isn't any overdose risk.
The known risk for humans is linked to the consumption of energizing drinks containing caffeine which is also an issue for dogs and cats.

Quelles différences entre l'ancienne et la nouvelle gamme Vit'i5

Des différences qui concerne toutes les références

* il y a de la taurine maintenant dans toutes les références, et un ajustement de la concentration en vitamines pour que toutes les références soient compatibles pour le chien et le chat (avant seules les références Little l'étaient, les Canine n'étaient pas aceptables pour le chat)

Des différences qui concerne certaines références :

*Vit'i5 Blue et Rouge : le % de calcium est un peu inférieur à ce qu'il était dans les Vit'i5 Ca, ce qui nécessite de parfois modifier légèrement la dose

* Toutes les nouvelles références (Orange, Bleu et Rouge) peuvent être données au chien et au chat (avant seules les références Little l'étaient, les Canine n'étaient pas aceptables pour le chat)

Ce qui n'a pas changé

* le support appétent est la levure de bière
* pas de sel, de sucre, d'arôme, de protéines animales