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Palatable source of Minerals and Vitamins recommended for dogs and cats to balance the home made part of a mixt diet :
> half kibble + half homemade diet (meat or fish + Vit’i5®™ + oil + vegetables +/- rice)
> kibble + meat/fish + Vit'i5

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Also available in 600g refill (spoon not included)

Easy dosage. Highly palatable.
Formulated by Dr G.Blanchard, European Specialist in Animal and Comparative Nutrition


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Vit’i5 Rouge is specifically formulated by our Veterinary Nutrition Specialist to balance the mixt diet of dogs and cats.

If you feed your dog : Commercial Pet Food (kibble and/or canned food) in the morning + Homemade diet in the evening…
OR Commercial Pet Food (dry+/-wet) + Muscle meat or Fish filet…give Vit’i5 Half-Half with the meat and homemade part



It is the only supplement with calcium and vitamins and trace elements formulated to balance a daily diet made of:
– Half Kibble or Canned food or both AND Half Homemade diet (Vit’i5 Rouge + soybean/canola oil + meat/fish + vegetables +/- carbs)
– Kibble or Canned food + ( Meat or Fish + Vit’i5 Rouge )

Commercial Complete Pet Food is balanced for the part it represents. But the homemade part (meat+vegetables+oil+/-carbs) is not balanced.
So in case of a mixt diet, the overall daily food may be unbalanced and deficient.
A mixt diet lacks certain minerals and vitamins. To balance the non-commercial part, even if your pet consumes a bit of cheese, yogurt or milk, or brewer’s yeast… It is essential for maintain your dogs and cats healthy by adding Vit’i5 Rouge every day to the meat of fish filet.



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Vit’i5 Rouge contains Calcium, 6 trace elements (Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Manganese, Iron) and 12 vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2, niacine, B5, B6, biotine, Folate, B12, Choline), in order to cover cats and dogs requirements for the homemade part of the diet. Mineral and Vitamin requirement must be covered to ensure balance vitality of dogs and cats.

It also contains taurine in case the meat is overcooked or canned (taurine is partially destroyed by heat), as well as yeast wall which brings Manno-Oligo-Saccharides and beta-glucans, for better digestive comfort.

The Vit’i5 range contains no coloring agent, no preservative, no added flavoring, no animal protein, no salt or sugar. It is therefore indicated even for very sensitive, allergic or diabetic dogs and cats.

Average analysis is the analyse of the product. Calcium, trace elements, vitamins are added and the amount warranty listed on the label. Breawers yeast is naturally palatable base, it contains is a natural amount of protein, fat, minerals… but the amount of Vit’i5 added to the diet makes these amounts very small compare to the requirements in protein, fat… and can be neglected. The important part of Vit’i5 is the amount of micronutrients (calcium, trace elements, vitamins).

DO NOT GIVE Vit’i5 Rouge if you feed your dog or cat commercial petfood only (take a look at the label, you shall read “complete food for dogs” or “complete food for cats”)


Instructions for use, preparation and storage

Give the commercial petfood as recommended by the manufacturer. Prepare the home made food as follows:

* First mix Vit’i5 Rouge with canola or soybean oil, then add the chopped cooked vegetables, then add the meat or fish filet. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours, or frozen in daily portions, which will be thawed in the refrigerator overnight for the next day.
If it is in the recipe, the carbohydrates (rice, potato… source of energy from starch) will be cooked on the day of distribution, then mixed with the fresh or thawed mixture. The final complete shall be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours maximum.

* Plan to split the daily amount of food in 2 meals per day for a dog, and at least in 4 meals per day for a cat (one or two in the morning, at noon or when returning home, one or two in the evening, depending on your availability).

Reheat a meal by adding a few spoons of warm water if necessary – do not thaw or reheat or cook in the microwave or in a pan.

Vit’i5 jar can be stored in a cool ambiant temperature, or in the fridge. Must be preserved from water. Once opened, if properly stored, Vit’i5 powder can be used in the 3 months after opening.


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